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pure breeds since 2011
I have some 3/4 green legged hatch and 1/4 claret on the way!  just check under cross breeds. also don't forget to check out Hill Top Game Farm
Just to let everyone no I have some kelso red/ green legged hatch on the way! I am also hatching out spangles/ law grey/ kelso red, so check my site in the next few weeks. I also have some pure law greys on the way! do not know when I will have some kelso's because im currently cross breeding them. when I do get these chicks if you want to buy one just shoot me an email! don't forget about our unlimited fertile hatching eggs!




I have to ship eggs by the dozen and they are less than a week old when i ship them. they are definitly fertile and have a great hatching rate! in my book eggs are the best way to go if you have an incubator or a sitting hen. plus i have pretty much unlimited eggs so order 1, 2, or maybe 3 dozen! just shoot me an email! or a phone call.

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